The Famous Pink Panther Sheet Music Theme

It is easy to find Pink Panther sheet music and start playing that famous theme on the piano tonight. Here’s a handy guide to show you how.

Pink panther is actually a an exceptionally well-crafted, atmospheric detective story that revolves around the dopey inspector Clouseau. It’s s actually a remake of the 1963 traditional film, which starred Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The story was usually based upon a stolen, large and flawless diamond of inestimable worth (Well, today experts rate the 25ct stone at over $40 million!) Apart from the crazy story and the incredible odd characters, series also featured some great visual effects. It really is the most recent classic film as well as children’s favorite and let’s face it, the famous theme by Henry Mancini is irresistibly delicious.

Download the Printable Sheet Music for Piano

Pink Panther Sheet Music

1. You can immediately download printable sheet music for this song using the link below.

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2. You can create your own sheet music for FREE using special notation software.

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You can listen to this song right away with an mp3 download by using the link below.

Pink Panther Mp3

Or, read our special tips page on how to download free piano mp3s.

Gettin’ Your Hands on the Music and then Playin’ Away

The Pink Panther music theme is so famous, that there’s hardly any site out there that doesn’t have some version of the sheet music readily available for download. Sites like Scorser, or Pianofiles, or a simple Google search may reveal interesting Amateur takes and transcriptions which sound quite authentic.

Download away and print out your favorite music pieces when you are confident that you have the right to do so – either they are not under copyright or you have rightfully purchased them or obtained permission from the publisher. You can also get free music using special software that’ll make it for you – you just need to input a sound file. Of course, you could just write out the music by hand or scan it into a digital file provided the song itself is not already copyrighted. There’s awesome software out there that’ll print out your music based on a midi file you input into it.

The music is relatively simple to learn. Just swing a set of 4 quintets upwards chromatically. Hehe, OK, that doesn’t sound so simple. So here it is in everyday language:

Play a fifth interval in the bass like C sharp with G sharp on top. And then just keep going upwards.

The theme itself, played by the right hand is a little more tricky shifting between chords like E minor and C major seventh. Grab a list of piano tabs to learn it without even buying the sheet music.

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