Finding An Ideal Piano Teacher For Your Particular Needs

So, should you study online or pay more for a private piano lessons with a reputable piano teacher?

The excellent thing about the 21st 100 years is that anybody with even the slightest desire can learn piano without the complexities of traditional methods. We have the ability to learn keyboard so much faster these days, thanks to the internet and other technologies. However, if you still prefer to go with a piano teacher that will be there to hold your hand along the way, correct any of your errors immediately, and push you from time to time here are some things you should look out for when choosing one.


Do you really know how much piano lessons cost over the course of the year if you decide to go with a piano teacher? It can easily run into the thousands. So find one that’s reputable, has a good track record, but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. In fact, research has proven that having a piano teacher that’s too famous can actually be detrimental to the student. A teacher should be humble and cater to all of the student’s needs and respect his/her particular learning style.

Other Students

Try to go to a recital of the piano teacher’s other students to get an idea of how you may be playing one day. Is it atrocious to listen to? Are they all playing the same, boring pieces? Do they look depressed when they walk on stage?

You can always tell a good pianist by how rhythmic their playing is. If their timing seems way off, there’s probably a big flaw in the piano teacher’s training methods. Although some teachers just have bad luck in getting good students – especially in this day and age.

Track Record

Piano TeacherGood teachers have a good track record and are capable of producing good pianists. I wouldn’t look at whether the piano teacher you have in mind has students which are winning piano competitions – as many of these are often rigged and work in a mafia-like manner – I’ll help your student if you help mine. However, read the teacher’s background to see if they were active as pianists themselves – to see if they really do what they preach. Many will have retired from the concert scene which is fine. But a teacher with at least some concert experience is somehow better at sharing important musical ideas and understanding what it takes to get good, than one with none.

Also, on the other end, you don’t want a teacher with TOO much concert experience or an active touring schedule year-round. They simple won’t time to dedicate themselves to you.

Welcome to the club

You will find progressively more and more piano players being taught on this planet and so the number of piano teachers has also risen and is being seen in more odd locations such as the basements in people’s homes or in churches. It strikes a great tone for contemplation – maybe one day you will become a fantastic teacher with your own set of students?

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