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Identifying the notes of the keyboard

How is it that 88 little piano keys allow us to enjoy such a huge variety of piano music? Most modern grand pianos start with an “A” in the low bass and end with a “C” at the top. However, a few makers of pianos such as Boesendorfer add a few extra keys in the bass, extending the register even further. Few can really hear the difference in sounds of those low growling notes, but they certainly extend the possibilities of repertoire that can be performed on them. However, since even most full-scale electric pianos start with an “A”, we’ll use this concept for our purpose.
Gregorian Chant

We have evolved quite considerably from the 10th century, when Gregorian Chants captured basic musical gestures but were still far away from our modern eight note scale. => A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A (aka, one octave). Some people can read piano notes at blazingly fast speeds, while others read slowly but put more meaning into each note. Sight-reading is an excellent skill to learn piano efficiently as one becomes more and more proficient at reading notes.

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online diary

online piano music diary
I often like to share my most interesting stories based on real-life experiences I’ve endured as an active concert pianist. These range from humorous to tragic, and from provocative to philosophical. To be a concert pianist is a lifestyle, and to write piano notes is a wonderful way to share that lifestyle with others.

It is certainly endearing to watch a pianist put an audience into a hypnotic trance with his/her music-making, but my goal for this site is to take you on stage with me…to put you inside the mind of a pianist temporarily…so that perhaps your next psychedelic experience at a live concert will be heightened!

about me

On this page of the ‘piano notes’ section of this site, you will learn about me as if I were telling you my story face-to-face. Most biographies by pianists tend to be very formal and highlight only the main points of one’s career. I have tried my best to share my story as a vagrant pianist as it is without unbashful self-promotion or vanity as those are the first signs that one’s artistic level is on the decline.

I have always been more fascinated about what happened in between those very events listed on a pianist’s biography…unfulfilled love affairs, trouble with political regimes, health problems, to name a few.

piano discovery channel

Check back on this page every few weeks, as it will have fascinating and unique discoveries about rarely known piano music and pianists. Imagine having a discovery channel that is focused on uncovering the most interesting aspects of music-making like you would on the famous television program.

Learn about new interpretations to new music, where to download new sheet music or other related piano notes, or just come to listen and relax during your coffee break.

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