Traditional Piano Music Books Resource

Because of the internet, we’ve come so far away from the use of traditional piano music books to learn piano, that I felt compelled to dedicate at least one page of this site to them for those who would still prefer to learn piano the good ole’ fashioned way.

Even though the numerous piano software program courses are quite cheap, a great deal of people are still attempting to train themselves by only surfing websites. I can assure you that you won’t learn piano using an A+ teaching method anywhere on the web completely for free. It can actually be quite dangerous to learn piano only by surfing millions of sites and culling ideas, as you need to follow one practical method to maintain proper technique.

There is a huge benefit to having a piano music book in front of you, as you can quickly mark it up with different colors of highlighters and absorb the knowledge at a faster pace. Books are important to have around as a resource anytime you need specific help with musical matters such as how scales, chords, and rhythm work. And onto more advanced things like memorization, complex chord structures and melodic improvisation.

We will soon be posting our recommendations of the best piano music training books available which can be ordered online and delivered to your home.

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