How to Learn Piano, Be Cool, and Blow Away Your Audience

First the words of wisdom: To learn piano is more of an art than a science. Method books will only take you so far. It is when the student can eventually learn to spread his own wings and fly that the teacher has truly done his job.

Learning the Piano

Ah! The joy of sitting behind the wold’s sexiest instrument, eyes gazing upward, hands gliding over the keys, and your audience mesmerized. I hate to pop the bubble, but you’ll need to first learn piano before being able to hypnotize your public with amazing performances. You see there’s one big problem of most teaching piano method books, is that they are so darn frustrating. When people limit themselves to that one ‘special’ method book they just bought, they quickly find that the frustration kills their motivation.

Why not think a bit before purchasing sheet music on which method will be best for your specific learning needs – should you choose to learn with sheet music, by ear or through chord patterns?

FREE piano lessons – Revolutionary 7 day program

Learn Piano in 7 DaysWe’ve put together a special course that is continuously developing based on the needs of viewers like yourself. Since everyone has a unique learning method we have tried our best to tailor it to suit most people’s learning styles. Everyone can learn piano now by learning the fundamental building blocks of music after only 7 days of study. Each day is like having a piano lesson in your home, nah! more like several piano lessons from several different teachers in your home!

We expect this comprehensive course to be completed in early 2012.

Can You Really Learn Piano In 7 Days?

learn piano 199x300 Learn PianoAnyone interested in learning piano can play piano without the complexities of traditional piano playing teaching methods. We have the ability to learn piano so much faster these days, thanks to the internet and other technologies. If you are tone deaf, you can learn too without straining as long as you master the three basic elements of good music – melody, harmony, and rhythm – you can play piano with color and depth.

What’s the fastest road to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

The fastest road to learn piano music is only with lots of practicing. Try to practice hands separately when trying out a new piece of music. They say you can always tell a great pianist by his left hand, so why not master that hand first? Try clapping our the rhythm or counting to get a better feel for what each hand is supposed to play.

Man, have we ever moved far from C.P.E. Bach’s 17th century 600 page bible of ‘The True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments’ – these days anyone can learn piano.

One can also learn piano much faster than our ancestors had the opportunity for thanks to the use of technology. Just master the three basics of good music making – harmony, melody and rhythm – and your playing will quickly develop that magical ‘third dimension’ of color and depth.

All that Pep Talk

Anyone can learn provided that they are constantly motivated and have the available time and energy to commit to regular lessons. One of the most admirable ways for adults to learn piano is by the chord-based piano method. By learning basic chords and their patterns adults and children alike can learn the instrument quickly and give off a quality sound in just a short span of time.

Learning piano won’t take long but does need a lot of tremendous practice. If you are an adult who wants to learn piano, you can immediately learn to play the chords and familiar tunes in just a matter of days or weeks of practice.

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