‘Lean On Me Sheet Music’ Is a Popular Keyword Search Term

Bill Wither’s famous tune “Lean on Me” continues to be heard all around the world, and is continuing to make great strides since it was utilized as the title song of the 1989 Morgan Freeman movie.

All of us have to have somebody to turn to when issues get challenging. Sometimes we all just need someone to listen to our problems so that we can take them to another level (I mean, after all, Einstein said you can’t solve problems in the same brain state in which the problem originated).

The Legalities of Downloading Sheet Music On the Net

There are thousands of websites you could download Lean on Me sheet music from. Some are paid services like MusicNotes, while others allow you to ‘trade’ files, like pianofiles but here the question of legality comes in. Downloading music legally for free is still quite difficult as thousands of sites unfortunately break basic copyright laws. On a site like pianofiles, you’re not really ‘trading’ music as you would in the old days with your neighbor, but in essence you are keeping the old digital file and acquiring a new one. So we don’t recommend this method.

In a way, things used to be so much easier in regards to copyright in the days when you only had books and photocopy technology. Everyone got paid, and stayed happy. However, the benefit of today, is that honest folks can still go to legal music stores and download digitally, enabling them to get their hands on the latest music fast.

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How The Tune Came About

Bill Withers also created other popular hits like “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Use Me,” and his final chart-busting single, “Just the Two of Us,” (together with Grover Washington). The thematic motivation in “Lean on Me” is based on the communal feeling Withers witnessed in the Slab Fork town of his childhood.

Performance Tip: It’s best to play Lean on Me with a great spirit of enthusiasm and positive energy, only then can you strike out those first few famous chords correctly. This is generally a good tip to keep in mind when performing Rock piano sheet music of all sorts.

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