You Are My Sunshine – Ray Charles

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“You Are My Sunshine ” is a popular song first recorded in 1939. It has been declared one of the state songs of Louisiana as a result of its association with former state governor and country music singer Jimmie Davis. The song is copyright 1940 Peer International Corporation, words and music by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. According to a 1990 article by Theodore Pappas, the original song was written by Oliver Hood.History Two versions of “You Are My Sunshine” were recorded and released in 1939 prior to Jimmie Davis’ version. The first was recorded for Bluebird Records (RCA-Victor’s budget label) on August 22, 1939 by The Pine Ridge Boys (Marvin Taylor and Doug Spivey), who were from Atlanta.

The second was recorded for Decca Records on September 13, 1939 by The Rice Brothers Gang. This group was originally from north Georgia, but had relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana, where they were performing on the city’s KWKH radio station. The version by Jimmie Davis was recorded for Decca Records on February 5, 1940.Davis and Charles Mitchell are the credited songwriters of “You Are My Sunshine”. Davis bought the song and rights from Paul Rice and put his own name on it, a practice not uncommon in the pre- World War II music business. Some early versions of the song, however, do credit the Rice Brothers. According to some accounts, clarinetist Pud Brown was also involved with the Rice Brothers for the song’s origin or first arrangement.

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