Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock

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“Watermelon Man ” is a jazz standard written by Herbie Hancock, first released on his debut album, Takin’ Off (1962).First version was released as a grooving hard bop and featured improvisations by Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon. A single of the tune reached the Top 100 of the pop charts. Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaria released the tune as a Latin pop single the next year on Battle Records, where it became a surprise hit, reaching #10 on the pop charts. Santamaria’s recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. Hancock radically re-worked the tune, combining elements of funk, for the album Head Hunters (1973).

How to Learn The Piano Part

The 1st step to learning popular keyboard, may be to learn the notes of the keyboard and when to perform each one. Reading music is a primo-valuable skill, as it will give you the confidence to play a greater selection of music. You’ll be able to also begin to recognize chords faster as you`ll recognize the notes themselves quicker, and give you a head-start with any piano instructing method. Practice everyday so you’ll be able to study off of what you rehearsed the previous day.

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