Two Churches – Dave Brubeck

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In 1954, he was featured on the cover of Time, the second jazz musician to be so honored (the first was Louis Armstrong on February 21, 1949). Brubeck personally found this accolade embarrassing, since he considered Duke Ellington more deserving of it and was convinced that he had been favored for being Caucasian. Ellington himself knocked on the door of Brubeck’s hotel room to show him the cover and the only reaction Brubeck could give was, _It should have been you._

How to Learn The Piano Part

Learning harmonies ought to be on the priority list for budding pianists of the pop-piano music style. You will find certain courses out there specializing in recognizing chord patterns and nothing else. Our internet site has some great information about chords it is possible to use immediately to supplement your practice of pop-piano music.

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