The Sun Doesn’t Like You – Norah Jones

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Man, I am astonished! These words so fit to my situation…

I think that here is about a person, a guy, who doesnt like much people, better say: afraid of people. A one who like lonelyness. Everytime he walks outside, the failure with people gets him. Maybe, the same thing is with girls. Of course, time wont pass him by, and he will lose a lot if he doesnt get strength and courage to deal with it. The voice, (she), is calling him to come to her at night, so they could make a big progress in man-woman relationship and share intime moments.

“Bring part of yourself that you’ll let me keep” – I think that this “part” means “worm feeling” (heart). I am not quite sure what “lies” means… “Someday we all have to die…”, so why lose any more time on misunderstandings within genders when it is very simple! … yeah, the “lies” may be “misunderstandings, passivity, fears of people”.

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Long prior to the days of cyberspace, one had to leave their apartment and oftentimes made a big ordeal on getting to a shop to purchase written music. Printable written music is now way more popular than having to purchase books and waiting for them to be delivered or perhaps getting yourself to a shop. For those, that didn`t like getting music (ahem, students) they usually had to beg a friend or perhaps colleague to photocopy it from them.

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