The Snowman’s Music Box Dance – George Winston

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Forest is the seventh album of pianist George Winston and his sixth solo piano album, released in 1994. It was reissued on Dancing Cat Records in 2008. The album won the 1996 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. “Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta)” is a traditional Japanese lullaby that means Lullaby of Itsuki, a region in southern Japan.Track listing #;Title;Length;Music;1;Tamarack Pines;5:49;George Winston;2;Forbidden Forest;2:32;George Winston;3;Troubadour;1:56;John Barry;4;The Cradle;2:13;Larry Young (Khalid Yasim);5;Cloudy This Morning;2:43;George Winston;6;Last Lullaby Here;0:59;George Winston;7;Mon Enfant (My Child);3:20;Traditional;8;Returning;0:40;George Winston;9;Graceful Ghost;2:53;William Bolcom;10;Walking in the Air;7:45;Howard Blake;11;Building the Snowman;1:35;Howard Blake;12;The Snowman’s Music Box Dance;2:15;Howard Blake;13;Love Song to a Ballerina;2:58;Mark Isham;14;Lights in the Sky;1:41;George Winston;15;Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta);2:11;Traditional Japanese;16;Night Sky;2:56;George Winston

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