The Entertainer – Scott Joplin

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“The Entertainer ” is a 1902 classic piano rag written by Scott Joplin.One of the classics of ragtime, it returned to top international prominence as part of the ragtime revival in the 1970s, when it was used as the theme music for the 1973 Oscar -winning film The Sting. Composer and pianist Marvin Hamlisch ‘s adaptation reached #3 on the Billboard pop chart and spent a week at #1 on the easy listening chart in 1974. The Sting was set in the 1930s, a full generation after the end of ragtime’s mainstream popularity, thus giving the mistaken impression that ragtime music was popular at that time.The Recording Industry Association of America ranked it #10 on its ” Songs of the Century ” list.

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Once upon a time, there were only shops that enabled you to order common music from. The benefit of owning music 24/7 should not be overestimated. For those, that didn`t like shopping for music (ahem, students) they usually had to beg a friend or even colleague to photocopy it from them.

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