The Chrysanthemum – Scott Joplin

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While Joplin never made an audio recording, his playing is preserved on seven piano rolls for use in mechanical player pianos. All seven were made in 1916. Of these, the six released under the Connorized label show evidence of significant editing, probably by William Axtmann, the staff arranger at Connorized. Berlin theorizes that by the time Joplin reached St. Louis, he may have experienced discoordination of the fingers, tremors, and an inability to speak clearly_all symptoms of the syphilis that took his life in 1917. Biographer Blesh described the second roll recording of Maple Leaf Rag on the UniRecord label from June 1916 as “…shocking… disorganized and completely distressing to hear.” While there is disagreement among piano-roll experts about the accuracy of the reproduction of a player’s performance, Berlin notes that the Maple Leaf Rag roll was, “painfully bad,” and likely to be the truest record of Joplin’s playing at the time. The roll, however, does not reflect his abilities earlier in life.

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The way to quickly learn about how to practice popular piano music should be to really know your musical instrument, how the individual keys work, precisely where the pedals are, and precisely where the notes are. Understanding how you can read music is an excellent assistance to artists at the newbie level and having a touch of music idea as well can assist you get well prepared for your next live concert. It also may help you to comprehend essential chords should you go on to getting an on-line piano training course or even a piano music teacher. Good practice habits like working everyday will assist you to to succeed faster.

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