The Black Stallion – George Winston

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Summer is the sixth album of pianist George Winston and his fifth solo piano album, released in 1991. It was reissued on Dancing Cat Records in 2008.Track listing #;Title;Length;Written By;1;Living in the Country;3:45;Pete Seeger;2;Loreta and Desiree’s Bouquet (Part 1);4:04;George Winston;3;Loreta and Desiree’s Bouquet (Part 2);3:29;George Winston;4;Fragrant Fields;4:02;Art Lande;5;The Garden;3:03;Dominic Frontiere;6;Spring Creek;4:03;Philip Aaberg;7;Lullaby;3:25;George Winston;Steve Ferguson;8;Black Stallion;3:39;Carmine Coppola;9;Hummingbird;5:06;George Winston;10;Early Morning Range;2:59;George Winston;11;Living Without You;5:58;Randy Newman;12;Goodbye Montana (Part 1);2:15;George Winston;13;Corrina, Corrina;4:21;George Winston;14;Goodbye Montana (Part 2);3:11;George Winston;15;Where Are You Now;3:20;George Winston

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