Somebody Loves Me

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“Somebody Loves Me ” is a popular song, with music written by George Gershwin, and lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Buddy DeSylva. This is not to be confused with the Southern gospel song written by W.F. & Marjorie Crumley. The song was published in 1924 and featured in George White’s Scandals of 1924.One of the better-known versions was by The Four Lads. This recording was made on August 18, 1952 and released by Columbia Records as catalog number 39865. It first reached the Billboard magazine charts on October 18, 1952. It peaked at #22 on the charts.

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Buying a new musical instrument and methodical books (whether or not online or hardcopy) will be your two largest investments. It is possible to save a ton of money find purchasing an electronic keyboard instead of a grand piano, or even order downloading an online course as opposed to a human instructor. The positive side of investing into keyboard lessons, is how much your friends` and families` jaws drop when one can practise their favourite tunes.

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