Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown/Peanuts) – George Winston

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Linus and Lucy _ The Music of Vince Guaraldi;(1996);Plains;(1999);Remembrance – A Memorial Benefit;(2001);Professional ratings;Review scores;Source;Rating;Allmusic;;Plains is the eleventh album of pianist George Winston and eighth solo piano album, released in 1999. It was his first studio album consisting of original compositions since 1994’s Forest. According to Winston, “this album is inspired by the plains and its people. The four seasons there have always been my deepest source of inspiration.” ;It was reissued in 2013 by Valley Entertainment with Dancing Cat Records. The reissue was packaged in a Digipak and features revised cover art.Track listing #;Title;Length;Music;1;Dubuque;2:27;Traditional;2;Before Barbed Wire;4:19;Philip Aaberg;3;Frangenti;3:51;Massimo Gatti;4;Give Me Your Hand/La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles;2:41;Traditional;5;No Ke Ano Ahiahi (In the Evening Time);5:12;Traditional Hawaiian;6;Graduation;1:47;George Winston;7;Teach Me Tonight;4:13;Gene de Paul & Sammy Cahn;8;Rainsong (Fortune’s Lullaby);4:41;George Winston;9;Merry Go Round;3:23;Traditional;10;The Dance;3:23;Tony Arata;11;Cloudburst;3:10;George Winston;12;The Swan;6:14;Angelo Badalamenti;13;Ike Ia Ladana (Queen’s Jubilee);6:39;Queen Lili’uokalani;14;Plains (Eastern Montana Blues);3:49;George Winston;15;Angel;6:33;Sarah McLachlan;16;Waltz for the Lonely;3:17;Chet Atkins, Charles Randolph Goodrum;17;Sase (Sassy);2:10;Joseph Kokolia;18;Muliwai;2:41;Charles Pokipala;Cover art for the 2013 reissue

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Joe Jackson and Elton John are just two example of master piano players and music writers of memories that stick in the head. Popular music masters also often talk about a love for playing cinematic popular piano with traditional flourishes so it helps to obtain some basic the background in classical music principle.

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