Leola – Scott Joplin

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Joplin and his fellow ragtime composers rejuvenated American popular music, fostering an appreciation for African American music among European Americans by creating exhilarating and liberating dance tunes, changing American musical taste. “Its syncopation and rhythmic drive gave it a vitality and freshness attractive to young urban audiences indifferent to Victorian proprieties … Joplin’s ragtime expressed the intensity and energy of a modern urban America.”

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You will discover a growing number of teachers who specialize in the study of pop keyboard music in case you`re interested in specializing in this genre. Many teachers just enjoy training rock music either due to personal taste, sentiment or out of sheer enthusiasm for sharing the culture of the latter part of the 20th 100 years. Many people do not fancy the idea of learning through some type of computer and prefer to acquire a human teach them – visit your local music shop for more details on finding a decent teacher. If you don`t know a terrific teacher through word-of-mouth, your local music shop will give you suggestions on a wide array of keyboard music styles.

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