Benjamin – Dave Brubeck

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Christopher Brubeck (born March 19, 1952 in Los Angeles, California) is a U.S. musician and composer, both in jazz and classical music. As a musician, he mainly plays electric bass, bass trombone, and piano. The son of noted jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, in 1972 he joined his father and brothers Darius and Daniel in The New Brubeck Quartet. He later formed The Brubeck Brothers Quartet with his brothers.

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The two biggest costs of starting piano lessons, is that of a new musical instrument, and new instructional material. Costs involved in studying well-liked music tunes, is usually alleviated by getting a keyboard rather than an acoustic piano and in taking online piano lessons instead of utilizing a professor. The fantastic thing about studying keyboard is simply how much it impresses your buddies and colleagues when you can perform a renowned song.

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