Finding Jazz Piano Sheet Music Gems On The Net

When it comes to finding jazz piano sheet music for use in piano teaching or learning piano, anything from cool riffs to easy arrangements of chord patterns for grand piano or electric piano can now be found on the internet. Some of the jazz music out there simply showcases the basic structures of music such as the bare melody with some chord symbols on top.

Remember, that every piece of difficult music can be broken down into components that are easier to understand. Breaking down musical ideas into more digestible pieces is the foundation of all piano instruction.

When you scan through jazz piano sheet music visually for the first time, look for anything that sticks out such as odd tempo indications or irregular time signatures. Highlight any contrapuntal lines or things that stick out such as patterns that break in a melody’s phrasing or poly-chords – chords stacked one upon the other.

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working with jazz sheet music

Looking for free jazz piano sheet music becomes much easier when you know exactly what you are looking for. For example, learning to voice the chords properly only comes out of years of working out the score and making it your own. Sometimes you don’t need to read the bass of all your chords or have them written out as it is enough just to see the letters/numbers of the corresponding chord and improvise various variations of it.

With jazz, you really have to play around with the various chords by finding interesting inner voices and adding unexpected notes – let your ear decide what sounds most ideal in each particular situation. Teaching piano in the jazz genre requires a lot of freedom and patience to learn piano quickly.

It’s within the innovative freedom of expression in piano practice, that jazz piano sheet music diverts from classical piano traditions. One should use improvisation besides correct execution of the notes and melody to capture that unique feeling of freedom in jazz. Mastering jazz piano music is all about improvisation and not learning each individual note – note by note, finger by finger.

The Versatility

The fun thing about finding jazz piano music sheets is in just how versatile it is. Some people like it for self-development, others for showing off their technique and other just enjoy playing around with chords. Feel free to download or use the sheet music you find online as most of it is legal.

After all, jazz desperately needs an enthusiastic audience who is fascinated with cool new riffs and chord patterns. Another possibility is to write out the music yourself by hand – just be sure that the song itself is not copyright protected. There’s also that free sheet music notation software we keep talking about to create your own free jazz piano sheet music based on a midi file that you add into the system.

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