How Gospel Piano Music Still Remains a Treasure in the 21st Century

Gospel piano music is really an extremely fascinating genre of music-making. It involves songs created especially to state sentiments and suggestions involving Christian existence. Somehow, gospel music is really a style of music that speaks directly to your emotions – almost inflating you up towards the heavens into a more inspirational and spiritual state of being. It is also the perfect music many beginners can use who are just getting started with their piano lessons.

It’s really something everyone young or old must encounter, and also the meals that go with it can be truly great as well! Gospel music can be classified as current and contemporary or traditional depending on who composed it and how it’s played. When it’s jazzed up, it can be thoroughly stimulating and create some of the most well-liked kinds of songs that then appeal to individuals of every age group. Jazzing up gospel piano music is one of the most fascinating piano teaching methods of all genres as you can come up with some really groovy piano chords.

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African American Roots and Black Gospel Piano Music

Gospel piano music was and nonetheless has its root in the thirst for creating music by African American residents – a sort of African-American musical artwork grounded in the Blues. It expresses the people’s belief and impacts its audience with soul-stirring energy. We would never have our popular blues and jazz music tunes if it wasn’t for those early developing days of gospel. Think back to the last American Idol, and see how many tunes originated from gospel piano music. In fact, you could have heard it already way back from virtually every grand piano bar of the 1930s. It’s got that ‘feelin’ of home’ intertwined with powerful texts and glorious musical lines.

Gospel Piano MusicAlthough everything can easily be played on the piano today, having a good knowledge of jazzy harmonies, chords, and how to create a beat with the left hand, a good gospel pianist can make the piano sound like a whole orchestra. Yes, a sound that mixes together a Hammond organ, drums, guitars, and vocal accompaniment. What an inspiring way to learn piano! All in all, free Gospel piano music (those traditional tunes you would hear at a baptist church in southern states) is really a powerful niche on its own representing not only of not only certain denominations of the Christian faith but also spectacular music compositions.

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Jammin’ away at the keyboard; soul, baby, soul

Gospel music is more about spirit than piano technique as is the case with many types of worship songs. You don’t have to be black to make the music whirl and come to life. Be sure to listen to as much Gospel as you can, so that you can gain the right instincts when improvising harmonies for those popular tunes like Amazing Grace, or Joshua fit the battle of Jericho. You can use your right hand to either play our the vocal melody of gospel piano music, or just play the chords with both hands and sing out the vocal part – sometimes you can get away with just speaking out the words with the music in the background – give it a try!
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