The Heyday of Free Piano Sheet Music has arrived

The heavens gave us the piano so that we mortals could share free piano sheet music files with each other to learn piano faster. Who would have ever thought that the internet would someday have provided millions of pieces of sheet music for anyone learning piano? Everyone can now benefit by just having simple access to the internet – beginner or expert. Anyone from the most-ultra modern hip-hop specialist to the archaic Renaissance music specialist can find music online.

Imagine those days when a big machine spat out thousands upon thousands of piano sheet music a day to satisfy a hungry market of young pianists enrolled in piano schools all across the country. Those days are over. In fact, many publishing houses our closing down because of – you guessed it – the internet. You can find so many free piano sheet music files in pdf, scanned image, or other formats, using sites like pianofiles [dot] com where people share their sheet music with other users. Although a lot of this music is rather common, of low quality and illegal. When you need something of better quality, those users rarely respond.

Searching and searching

So you’re getting warmed up with your piano practice and have been searching around for millions of free sheet music, but are tired of stumbling upon link farms or illegal sites that put viruses into your computer. You’ve noticed how many of the websites you come across are nothing more than spammy link farms with no valuable content, or illegal sites offering copyright music in return for clicking on their ads.

Sometimes you’re just going to have to dig around a bit more to find truly high quality sites offering free piano sheet music, since a lot of the sites on the first page of a Google or Yahoo search just spam the search engines, trying to fool them. The best piano music websites don’t spam their sites with keywords but as a result are harder to find. We do our best to direct you to these high-quality sites.

The concept of totally free

We’re continuously asked about how to get totally free piano sheet music, and recommend that people first search through our site using the artist/band or particular sheet music they are requesting. It’s only when music has expired copyright that it becomes completely free, but their other ways to get free music as well such as through the use of special software. Old classical music such as those published before the 1920s immediately becomes public domain and there is a huge database of such music available.

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