Instantly Download Free Piano Mp3s and Grow a Collection Reaching the Moon

Do you itch to listen to piano music from time to time? Or, are you learning piano and wish to grow your free piano mp3 collection? It helps to listen to as much piano music as possible to create an environment of music making in the home. Buy CDs or download mp3s online regularly to continuously listen to top pianists. Reward yourself in your piano practice when you have practiced diligently with special gifts – this works not only for children!

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On this page, we will share with you two super-easy ways to download free piano mp3s, without ever having a lawyer on your back or without having to pay huge amounts of money for ridiculously expensive CDs or online shops.

Method 1 – Free trial for a quality subscription service

One easy way to download your favorite free piano mp3, is to sign-up for a internet provider of mp3 downloads that first gives you a free trial. Yes, you’ll need to input your credit card for security and all that jazz…

BUT you honestly get to download several track completely and entirely FREE.

Then when the trial is up…you simply CANCEL the subscription. I have done this before with many companies, and my credit card was never charged. With Emusic, I actually ended up keeping my subscription and paying monthly, because I found that the quality of the downloads and the millions of free piano mp3s available was truly worth it to complement my regular piano lessons.

In fact, I’ll tell you a little secret.

Usually once you cancel, the company will try hard to win you back with more free downloads several weeks down the road. In the meantime, you can sign up for another free trial program with a different provider, or just relax and wait for the “Pleeease come back to us…we miss you” email to arrive ;)Of course, I’m not guaranteeing they will do this, so don’t take my word for it. Maybe I was just a lucky customer every time? In any case, I have a grown a huge collection of free piano mp3s by doing so in many different genres such as classical, rock and jazz.

Or, you could try method 2…

Method 2 – Making your own Mp3s using the giant known as Youtube

Another way of generating free piano mp3s is to create them yourself! How so, you may be asking? I mean, I can’t even put two notes on the piano together.

Free Piano Mp3Well, have you ever watched a Youtube video of your favorite tune or piano music composition and wondered – How can I get that into my computer so I can listen to it again later? There is software out there that will enable you to do just that! Software that can download the soundtrack of a video and convert it into mp3 format for later storage in your computer. Note that such an mp3 should only then be used for your personal use, and never transmitted, broadcasted or uploaded anywhere else.

The disadvantage of this method, is that often the quality of background music present in Youtube videos is quite bad. This is because Youtube automatically compresses every file that’s uploaded to their site. They are starting to get by this, by enabling HD videos (high definition) on their site due to viewers having faster internet connections these days, but the selection of these HD videos are still relatively small for piano music mp3s.

The other problem, is that many users post illegal versions of renowned piano music mp3s on Youtube, which cheats artists out of their hard work and promotes mediocrity. If you were a top-talented artist that worked hard to create great piano music, wouldn’t you be furious not to get paid for your work?This method is only for piano music in public domain/out-of-copyright as respects copyright laws. Always be sure that the uploader of a video in Youtube genuinely has the rights to post his video and that it does not violate copyright laws.

Keep it real!

Do keep in mind, that any mp3 you generate using any of the above methods should be for your own personal use only!!! Do not start uploading them or sharing with other people, as that is not legal.

Please note: This page is not meant to be interpreted as a substitute for legal advice. By using this site you agree to’s Terms of Use. does not recommend downloading any file which may still be under copyright protection. Because copyright protections are very complicated matters, recommends that you perform due diligence and consult a lawyer before downloading anything from the internet.

What about the artists? I want to make sure that my favorite artist gets rewarded for his/her work!

It fuels my blood, when I hear stories of how little royalties many pianists get when they release new recordings. The indie artists are hit the hardest, and especially those signing onto major record labels who seem to greedily grab every last cent. I have even heard of some pianists owing their record labels money, going into debt for a CD that they recorded!This is why I say, that you should always purchase a CD of an artist you truly love or download your favorite track using legal services such as Emusic when collecting free piano mp3s. Emusic is especially great because the artist is sure to get a royalty for their song/composition and avoids the trap of paying exorbitant commissions to all the people who want to make money along the way…the distributors, managers, lawyers, etc.

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