The Yellow Brick Road to Free Classical Piano Music

Listening to and comparing free classical piano music recordings may just become your favourite hobby as a wonderful complement to your piano lessons. Anyone who wants to learn piano today will be happy to know that there are plenty of websites that give you free access to classical music mp3s. You can master your instrument efficiently by doing research on your favorite pianists and listen to what makes their performances so special. Maybe it’s in the way they make the chord changes and progressions so magical or in how they can brilliantly make the top notes of the piano sparkle in a virtuoso passage.

You can search our site or browse through it to easily find beautiful, original and best of all, free classical piano music sheets or mp3s. Think of it as your virtual piano school. You can now easily browse our index found at the right hand column or choose a category to read through the most recent posts about how to download free piano music straight to your computer. Some websites offer free music but it is not legal as the music offered is still under copyright protection, we don’t have anything to do with these kinds of websites that get shut down quickly anyway.

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The Great 21st Century Catch

Ah! The joys of bringing Beethoven fiery temperament, Schubert’s refined elegance and Chopin’s poetic lyricism into the speakers of your home, has been proven to be medically advantageous to your health. However, always remember that mp3s are just compressed versions of CD quality sound at the usual 128 kbps bitrate. And as anyone in soul would say: ‘it ain’t the real thing’.

Nothing – Absolutely nothing – beats the acoustic quality of a live recital, and preferably one on a nice grand piano. No matter what new technology is invented, it will never match the feeling of being up close, right up there with the pianist, and feeling all of the live vibrations of a live recital. So collecting free classical piano music online may seem like a fantastic little hobby as long as one keeps in mind that the micro-nuances present in a live recital are just not there.

Sometimes you can download free classical piano sheet music from professional online sources such as Emusic or Itunes and it will be in alternative, better quality Of compressed file formats such as AAC, OGG or uncompressed formats such as WAV which offer the same quality of sound as CDs. But even CDs themselves cut off a large portion of the frequencies, and most importantly overtones of a piano. Ask any sound engineer, which instrument is the hardest to record, and inevitably it will be the piano.

Learning from Free Classical Piano Music Mp3s

Although the technical quality of many old recordings are not so great, that doesn’t mean there is still a ton that can be learned from them. Best of all, thanks to services, some of the best, most memorable free classical piano music recordings ever made are available totally free on services such as YouTube.

They can be an excellent supplement to the many online piano lessons which specialize in teaching basic chord structure and basic music theory so you can get a better understanding of how classical music works. Learn more classical piano music theory to aid you in learning how various chords interact with one another – it will also help you to gain a better appreciation for the free classical piano music mp3s you’ll com across. The advantage is which you do not have to have tons of cash to start learning the basics of classical piano music theory, much of it is actually available free on our site!

On a Side Note

Not really related to finding free classical piano music, but very interesting, are recent CDs I came across which try to ‘clean out’ old recordings of ‘bad’ frequencies such as classical pianist Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording of the Goldberg Variations. They try to get rid of his humming, and make it sound like it was a digital recording by getting rid of scratchy sounds of an LP. This is highly controversial.

Somehow, all this sanitizing and cleansing of our classical piano music recordings misses the whole point of classical music together – that it is supposed to bring a composer’s composition to life, together with the whole universal experience of humanity and its outrageous flaws. Food for thought for your next piano class!

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