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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of those legends of classical music who arrive once every few hundred years. Imagine that at the age of 3 he can play the harpsichord already. At the tender age of four, his father would teach him easy piano compositions which he would then repeat effortlessly and perfectly. Mozart’s piano music is characterized by its great similarity with the operas he composed. Almost everything stems from his operas such as the dramatic elements of Don Giovanni (of which opera he may have wrote in memory of himself), the charming, flirtatious melodies of capricious characters like Fiorilla from Il Turco in Italia. It is witty, and full of character as much as it can be filled with the deepest pathos.


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This was the set that really got the “authentic instrument” craze going. It was a big, ambitious project that promised a fresh look at familiar music, as well as lots of exciting new discoveries. Christopher Hogwood tailored his forces to match what we know of the actual size and constitution of the orchestras of the period, and since Mozart wrote symphonies in every country in Europe, including England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia.

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