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There is a ton of discussion about the best way to perform JS Bach sheet music for piano these days. The invention of the piano actually came relatively late in Bach’s life, which means that most of his compositions were devised for harpsichord. Purists today argue that his music can only sound authentic when played on such instruments and that they sound over-romanticized or just plain wrong on modern instruments which produce a more full-bodied tone. Glenn Gould was a staunch supporter of the opposing group, which believed that Bach would have loved the grandiose modern piano if he had the chance to play on one. Then there is a whole group of people which fight between each other about the correct way to execute ornaments, tempi, and other stylistic factors. Cowboys and Indians aside, each person has to find their own inner-truths when it comes to performing Bach. When faced with trouble while executing an intricate fugue on the piano, or one of his suites, always ask yourself “What would Bach do in this situation?” And an answer will always come – rest you not!

Performing JS Bach piano sheet music, requires a fantastic inner ear which can listen polyphonically and make sense out of all the lines. Glenn Gould was a master at this thanks to his hard work and dedication, but let’s not forget other great pianists who played (and behaved) less ‘sterile’, such as Wanda Lewandowska who excelled in the harpsichord and offered a more romantic interpretation, or Rosalyn Tureck.

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Originally recorded in 1991 for Na¯ve, this set of Bach s Brandenburg Concertos is one of the finest in the Bach discography. Savall takes a more lyrical and less frenetic approach than is often found in period-instrument recordings. Now available as a multi-channel SACD, Le Concert des Nations sounds richer and more colorful than ever. And as you have come to expect from Alia Vox, this carefully remastered reissue is offered in a luxurious double digipak with extensive documentation.

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