Nocturnes (2) op.27 Chopin

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Was Chopin weeping when he wrote this composition? While it’s not particularly difficult to play this ‘night piece’, you do have to make sure that the left hand is relaxed and comfortable enough to provide a firm accompaniment to the beautifully singing right hand. Aside from popular belief, you don’t have to have a huge hand, only one that is very flexible in the bass. You’ll get a more beautiful sound by using a flatter finger in the right hand than a curved one.

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If Moravec had made only these recordings, he would still be esteemed as one of our greatest pianists. He makes the piano sing throughout this set–coloring the music with exquisite tonal shadings, reflecting the changes of mood with total conviction, and providing moment after moment of revelatory beauty. Many critics consider this the greatest set of the Chopin Nocturnes ever recorded, even finer than the superb stereo set by Rubinstein on RCA. The 1966 recordings, made in two different venues

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how to practice

Have a look at the basic chord structure of the song which will truly help you to ultimately get really good at executing the bass and melody sections. Play solid chords for each bar a few times, until you feel the tensions and resolutions of the piece. Once you know the ‘map’ of how harmonies progress among one another within a song, the other parts become easier. Nearly all song titles make use of mainly 3 primary chords they are depending on for example the tonic, dominant as well as subdominant. Discover the melodic line by implementing instrumental tabs to start with and after that add a single bass note exactly where it is deemed suitable. To help with making music tones more longer lasting with a ‘percussion’ instrument like the piano, think about splitting up the accompaniment or perhaps implementing even more of the pedal.

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