Nocturne no.10 in E minor op.99 Faure

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One of the saddest nocturnes ever written by Faure, it is weeping all throughout its core within every motive and harmonic change with a whirlwind of waves in the contrasting sections. It is a highly popular choice among Faure nocturnes which don’t get the attention they deserve.

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A very good research into the harmony of any song as well as rehearsing only most of these piano chords now and again, can help you grasp the inherent ideas of the music more quickly as opposed to attempting to practice almost everything at the same time from the beginning. As soon as you excel at the chords that can be performed effectively by your LH, the actual melodic element won’t be so hard to realize. It’s basically in ABA format. When the A returns, it will be easier to grasp the interwoven contrapuntal line in the middle register, when you have a good grasp of the chords – circle the notes which belong to the chord e flat minor, for example, and etc.

Once you understand a few of the fundamental chord patterns employed in this kind of music, you will have fundamentally come to understand the entire nocturne.


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Free Nocturne no.10 in E minor op.99 Faure sheet music


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