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Miroirs, or perhaps “Reflections” is a suite for solo keyboard developed by Ravel and includes several movements, each committed to another person in the Apaches group – or group of hooligans.
Noctuelles (“Night Moths”) is a highly intricate work, building a dark, night time atmosphere throughout. Oiseaux tristes (“Sad Birds”) – presents a lone bird singing a regrettable music, and after that others join in. Une barque sur l’océan (“A boat on the Ocean”) depicts a modest boat as it sails upon the waves of the sea. Alborada del gracioso (“The Gracioso’s Aubade”) is a technically challenging piece which incorporates Spanish musical motifs into its complicated melodies. La vallée des cloches (“The Valley of Bells”) evokes the sounds of various bells by means of its utilization of sonorous harmonies.

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Since the rhythm gets challenging in certain sections, rehearse each hand by itself before putting the two together. All complex music and songs is essentially consisting of uncomplicated small bits constructed together. Begin studying the piano notes just for this music simply by practicing only the melody a few times, then add the bass and accompaniment. By practicing precisely the bass keys, you will have a superior framework for the remainder of the song. Play the melody as slow as possible initially plus include a good accompanying harmony with every first beat making use of any fingers which might be left over. Get a good understanding of the particular harmonic styles which often return within this song after you’ve perfected the melody and bass lines.

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