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Masques has those nasty repeated notes that so many pianists fear. But have no fear when Debussy’s here. They are actually written in a way that’s quite convenient to play on the piano. Ravel could be notorious for awkward hand positions and such, while Debussy wrote very pianistically. Masques has more perfect 5th intervals than you could ask for as Debussy was one of the pioneers in breaking the tradition of not being allowed to use parallel fifths.

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Recite out the rhythm aloud before you start your work on the music to get an authentic sense for the rhythm. There’s a certain drum roll quality to the rhythm which repeats itself constantly throughout the music.

AND: Become an expert in your LH to become a master pianist. Amazing pianists are perhaps most well-known for their left hands. It’s highly recommended that the left-hand represents the bass part of the song whilst the RH practices the phrasing with an a very occasional piano interval on every alternate beat or thereabouts. You should always identify the patterns of rhythm built into a piece of music first by means of tapping over its recurring drumbeat in music like this.


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