Keyboard Concerto no.1 in D minor BWV 1052 Bach

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A profoundly moving work, this harpsichord concerto is thought to be based on a lost violin concerto in D minor which was arranged as an organ concerto in 1728 for use in two of Bach’s cantatas; the first two movements for the sinfonia and 1st choral movement of Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal in das Reich Gottes eingehen, BWV 146 as well last movement is in Ich habe meine Zuversicht, BWV 188. The original is probably one of Bach’s earliest concertos and is very virtuosic, in a similar manner to Antonio Vivaldi’s Grosso Mogul violin concerto, RV 208, which Bach knew and transcribed for solo organ, BWV 594.

It requires that Bachian feeling of dynamic movement and great clarity of articulation to work. It becomes particularly attention-grabbing, in the D pedal point sections.

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Angela Hewitt Performed and Recorded with the Australian Chamber Orchestra in February 2005, a Perfect Collaboration Resulting in Two Volumes of Bach Keyboard Concertos.

This delectable collection of Bach Keyboard concertos is so unsullied by tradition or a point to prove that the listener is left refreshed. Angela Hewitt plays with such warmth and song-like smoothness in the slow movements that they are little islands of repose in the midst of Bach’s perky outer movements, which Hewitt and condu

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Learn this song quickest simply by tapping out the beat and counting aloud – for example 1 a 2 a 3 a etc and singing aloud the ‘riffs’. The downbeat or initial beat of each measure generally gets the most volume, and in second place comes the third. Always keep a metronome accessible and play through song together with it pulsing without anyone’s knowledge – , even the very best pianists will make use of it. Do not think of moving forward onto the melodic elements til you have first learned the actual flow of the bass line. This can be done through just practising slowly You shouldn’t end up being embarrassed about counting aloud and then singing aloud the melodic line of the right hand material.

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