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It’s incredible how 88 little hammers can emulate the sound of fountain trickling water when played that way. Jeux D’eau or ‘Water Games’ was written when Ravel was still studying with Faure, and he even dedicated the piece to him.

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Every pianist should segregate the hands ever so often, mastering the melodic elements on their own with the the RH in addition to bass notes using the left hand. Break up the music into unique pieces such as the harmony, bass and melody to become proficient in performing. Begin studying the score to this piece of music by rehearsing only the right hand several times and give the music a sort of ‘kick’ anytime the denomination of notes changes – for example, from sixteenth notes to thirty-second notes, and then begin to add the accompaniment & bass.

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1. You can instantly download printable sheet music for this composition using the link below.

Free Jeux d’eau Ravel sheet music


2. You can make your own sheet music using fantastic notation software.

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