Intermezzos (3) op.117 Brahms

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The 3 Intermezzi Op. 117 were composed in 1892 and are among the best-loved and most popular of Brahms’ autumnal late piano output. For Johannes Brahms, 1892-1893 was a productive period for piano compositions, as he completed Opp.117, 118, and 119 in addition to the Sieben Fantasien that compose Op. 116. The composer himself described them as “lullabies to my sorrows”. Here we find Brahms at his most tender and introspective, with only one outburst (in the third Intermezzo) of the characteristic Brahmsian fire.

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There is no substitute for the wisdom of age and experience. Earl Wild, the legendary 86-year-old Grammy Award-winning virtuoso pianist, has a new recording of the piano music of Johannes Brahms. “Of the great many recordings of Brahms’ monumental F minor Sonata No. 3 that I have heard, Earl Wild’s is far and away the most fully realized, the most musically satisfying, and the most breathtaking. His performance is simultaneously spacious and taut, ‘orchestraly’-textured and utterly transparent,

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Think of the repetitive E flats in the music as tolling bells. Delineate the background from the main melodic lines.

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Compare Earl Wild’s flowing versions with Maria Yudina’s more personal interpretation. For more intellectual performances, try Julius Katchen.

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