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Here is an eerie piece of music that belongs to the super-advanced category. I mean, what other piece can portray a slow-swinging corpse getting reddened by the sun? It is treacherously difficult as Ravel intended to finally beat Liszt and Balakirev. He sure did! It requires great hand dexterity and super control of the piano with all of the repeated notes, whether they are slow or fast. Ondine is about a water sprite trying to seduce a lover to visit her underground kingdom. Gibet is about the corpse we mentioned above and Scarbo is a sneaky little devil, mischievous by nature.

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Recite out the rhythm before commencing your work on the song to get an authentic feeling for the rhythm. Always place the most emphasis on the main beat of the bar, and next on the 3rd – the most fragile beats will be the secondary and 4th in a four four time signature. I know it sound basic, but it really does help to conquer the tough sections. A metronome is obviously incredibly helpful, but we simply cannot stress enough the importance of keeping track of time while counting out loud.

Also, the accompaniment of the right hand in ‘Ondine’ does not have to be played so fast. It’s the ‘evenness’ which gives it the best effect…and the French will reward you for playing ‘egale’.

Don’t think of moving onto the melodic elements until you have first learned the actual rhythm of the right hand. Practice as slow as possible at first. Whenever you sense that you do not get it, simply just count out the beat loudly. Use the right pedal moderately only for effect, as Ravel would have hated the over pedalling that goes on these days.

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