Fantasy in F minor (4 hands) D.940 – op.103 Schubert

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Find the rare recording of Benjamin Britten and Sviatoslav Richter playing this gem and note the rather quick tempo they chose. It would probably closer to what audiences would have heard in the 19th century before tempos of slow pieces became ridiculously slow. But still respecting modern tastes, there is also a beautiful slow recording of Radu Lupu which is very deep. 4 hands makes the texture so rich and warm.

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Schubert was such a master of working with harmony that it should be your priority to sit alone with the score a few times and work out solely what the harmony does in this music. Get a better handle of the basic harmonies ahead of performing the rest. When you finally excel at understanding the harmonic progressions the melody and persistent alberti-like bass will not be so difficult to read. Once you know a few of the fundamental chord patterns used by this song, you will have essentially learned the whole thing.

And remember to sing, sing, sing!

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Free Fantasy in F minor (4 hands) D.940 – op.103 Schubert sheet music


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