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The First movement “Maestoso” uses forms from the Classical Period which made Brahms appear conservative in musical circle. The fiery theme makes heavy use of arpeggiated chords and trills repeated by the orchestra.

The Second movement is like a beautiful prayer, starting out with a heavenly chorale led by the bassoon. It is marked Adagio.

The third theme, marked Allegro ma non troppo has the soloist integrated together with the orchestra. A long cadenza follows the bulk of the rondo, with an even more extensive coda that develops the first and third themes in the key of D major.

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The trills are bound to be the first cause of problems when played together with orchestra. They should work together with the orchestra as one sound unit. Watch for all possibilities of uncovering hidden voices and brilliant counterpoint between the hands. Technical problems can be overcome through a good understanding of the sonata-allegro structure.

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Compare Glenn Gould/Bernstein’s strange recording (where Bernstein warns the audience beforehand) to Emil Gilels warm, lyrical sound. Rubinstein has a splendid recording of this with the Israel Philharmonic, although he was rather old at the time, and some sections are a bit stodgy. Some modern recordings lack dramatic power and emotional insight.

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