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The concerto is heavily affected by jazz music, which Ravel had encountered during a tour of the USA.

The first movement starts with a single whip-crack, and what comes after can be called a original blend between the Spanish tones of Ravel’s childhood and the modern jazz styles he had become so attracted to. Like many other concerti, the first movement is published in common sonata-allegro form, however with considerably more emphasis placed on the opening. The next movement is very relaxing and developed in ABA form. The 3rd movement recollects the strength of the first with its quick melodies and challenging passage-work.

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Recite out the rhythm before beginning your work on the song to acquire a natural feeling for the timing. Become an expert in your left hand to become a professional musician. My advice is that you master the left hand initially and then add in the complicated right hand riffs which show up every now and then.

Ravel worked on his piano music like clockwork, very slowly bar by bar, and is exactly with that same precision that you should approach his piano concerto. Just enough pedal, just enough staccato, not too fast, not too slow, etc.

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