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Classical piano music embodies a whole different field of piano music performance. Emusic even separates its search engine between the classical and non-classical. There are lots of web sites that are free of charge and simple to access, to help you access this style of piano music comfortably. It just takes a few moments to research where you can find free sheet music or even free piano teaching methods – use your favorite search engine or search our site (we have loads of information). Most beginners who want to learn piano will usually start by teaching you to identify the various piano notes and eventually lead to understanding how piano chords work. Plenty of websites that offer online piano lessons will teach you about basic chord patterns and progressions often free of charge which are invaluable

Hold Your Horses!!

The tempo of a piece of music is what most people usually fight about in classical piano music in their piano lessons. Tempo or speed, is a sensitive topic for many pianists who feel they have found the ideal tempo to the dismay of others who disagree. Any kind of music can be transposed into a different tempo and, while the score may be correctly translated into a different speed of playing, this can totally change the mood of the music. Different pianists will have entirely different tempos of difficult pieces such as Beethoven’s piano sonatas.

Classical pianist
Murray Perahia, one of the great living classical pianists

One of my favorite hobbies in learning to play classical piano music, is to find the very best recordings of past virtuosos of the golden age and compare them with the modern recording of modern-day classical pianists. This is something we attempt to do in the classical music section of our site anyway. But nothing can take place of doing your own research. Your piano teacher can give you excellent guidelines as to what you should sensitize your ear to hear for, as well as many of the tips in our piano music blog.

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Most classical pianists become most established in their elderly years, as respect takes a long time to build up in the classical music profession. However, there are still enormously talented and gifted young performers. It is fun to compare the fast tempos of young artists with the slower, more defined and mature recordings of older, established pianists.

Classical performers can begin learning classical piano pieces (never called songs unless they are the music requires a singer) at any age, although virtuosos usually begin very early. One thing is clear that your loved ones and friends will be very impressed when you can perform classical piano music.

Learn Classical Piano

You can now find so many websites that teach simple and advanced music theory including classical harmony, so you can study at your own pace from home. With even just a basic idea of classical music, you can begin performing simple classical piano music pieces with ease.

Many online courses specialize in teaching basic chord structure and basic music theory so you can get a better understanding of how classical music works. To help you learn how to read sheet music, do some research on the most basic chords such as tonic, dominant and subdominant. The advantage is which you do not have to have tons of cash to start learning the basics of classical piano music theory, much of it is actually available free on our site!

Classical Piano Music
Radu Lupu, a great classical piano interpreter, especially in the music of Franz Schubert.

Even More About That Internet Thing

Classical piano music has proliferated the internet, with free scores and mp3s. Many online courses specialize in teaching basic chord structure and basic music theory so you can get a better understanding of how classical music works. Learn more theory and harmony to aid you in learning how various chords interact with one another – it will also help you grasp how individual notes and intervals work. Music theory doesn’t have to be expensive, you can learn the basics right away by researching terms such as chords, chordal patterns, basic harmony, major and minor intervals,etc.

So many websites now offer free classical piano music you can download right away. It just takes a few moments to research where you can find free sheet music or even free teaching methods – use your favorite search engine or search our site (we have loads of information).

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