It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

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This song has been included in many of the Christmas albums recorded by numerous singers (and many types of singers) in the modern era. For example, in 1965 Sergio Franchi covered this song in his Billboard Top 40 album The Heart of Christmas (Cuor’ Di Natale). And Eric Burdon & The Animals recorded the song to the tune of their hit single THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. In 2006, a recording of the song by Daryl Hall & John Oates hit number one on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. Kutless also recorded it for WOW Christmas: Green (2005), Highway 101 from the album A Christmas Tradition (1987), Josh Groban in Noel (2007) and Anne Murray from the album What a Wonderful Christmas (2001). Royce Campbell recorded the song on his CD, A Solo Guitar Christmas (2007). This is Christmas song name “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” now which will be included in The Lettermen album It Feels Like Christmas will be released in 1987 on CD & Cassette Tape then re-released in 1992 from Classic Records on CD & Cassette Tape and re-released again as reissue version of the 1987 album in September 3, 2013 from MVD Audio on CD.

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An understanding of harmonies is important when learning music of the well-known melodies sort for example rock and jazz. You can purchase a harmonies workbook to study on your own time or take a piano study course that specifically teaches chords. Learning harmonies and chord schematics will promptly make your life less difficult when faced with the show of any common song on the keyboard.

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