What Child Is This?

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“What Child Is This? ” is a popular Christmas carol with lyrics written in 1865. At the age of 29, English writer William Chatterton Dix was struck with a sudden near-fatal illness and confined to bedrest for several months, during which he went into a deep depression. Yet out of his near-death experience, Dix wrote many hymns, set to the traditional English tune ” Greensleeves,” and retitled as “What Child Is This?”

How to Learn The Piano Part

Learn each note of the keyboard in the middle register either through visually remembering them, or perhaps by learning to read from written music, this is your first step in understanding tips on how to perform rock piano tunes. Learning to read music, is like learning words – it gives you the tools to survive the music world. Recognize harmonies much faster than you would without such knowledge. Good practice habits for instance working everyday will allow you to to succeed faster.

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