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Plot Baby and I is the story of a high school student (Han Joon Su) who is a troublemaker. He always quarrels with his parents and does not obey them. One day his parents are sick of his bad behavior and run away from home. Despite his parents having runaway, he is not embarrassed. Rather he is happy that he is free. He goes shopping for a party with his friends in his empty house. When he buys something and comes back to his cart, there was a baby with a letter: It would be better to have this baby be raised by Joon Su. The baby_s name was written on the letter, Han Woo Ram.

From this time, he has no choice but act as the baby’s father. He brings the baby to school and his part-time job. Finally, he is suspended from school due to the baby. In addition, he has no money, so he steals powdered formula for the baby. At last, he goes around begging women for milk. Fortunately, his parents come back home and take care of the baby instead of Joon Su. It turned out the baby_s real father was Joon Su_s friend, and the friend was to have his baby adopted.

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