Standing On The Promises

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Promise Keepers is a Christian organization for men. While it originated in the United States, independent branches are established in Canada and New Zealand. It is self-described as “a Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, helping them to grow as Christians”. Promise Keepers is a non-profit organization, not affiliated with any Christian church or denomination. Their most widely publicized events tend to be mass rallies held at football stadiums and similar venues. They also sell a variety of promotional products to “help men keep their promises,” including clothing, books, and music. Dr. Bruce Wilkinson developed the widely used video curriculum, Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation, as a part of “The Biblical Manhood” series for Promise Keepers.

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You’ll be able to take an internet study course to learn about rock piano music favorites. The Web is rife with high quality well-known keyboard courses, such as the countless cost-free ones and then you are able to use our webpage to enable you to get the actual sheet music to supplement your study course. A piano-player who relies on conventional piano instructors generally fares well even when trying to learn about pop piano music by simply branching out and practicing the pieces you really want to play.

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