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The Church of the Epiphany was an Episcopal congregation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1834, it merged with St. Luke’s Church in 1898 to form The Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany. Its 1834 Greek Revival building, designed by architect Thomas Ustick Walter and located at 1501-15 Chestnut Street, was demolished in 1902.

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It can be most helpful to locate a one-on-one keyboard music teacher who specializes within the kind of well-known songs that you are considering. A majority of instructors train conventional styles of keyboard, but you can find lots of who specialize in teaching you well-known songs. If the idea of learning on-line, doesn`t fairly cut it, visit a local music school or musical instruments store. If you do not know a wonderful instructor through word-of-mouth, your local music shop will give you suggestions on a wide array of keyboard music styles.

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