Precious Memories

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Precious Memories is a traditional gospel hymn credited to J.B.F. Wright in 1925. J. B. F. Wright was born in Tennessee, February 21, 1877. It has been performed by a wide variety of famous recording artists including Rosetta Tharpe, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson,Emmylou Harris, Daniel O’Donnell, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, a duet by George Jones & Patti Page, Jim Reeves Recorded it in 1959, and Bob Dylan. It was also the last song on the soundtrack of the 1979 film Hardcore, then performed by Susan Raye at the film’s opening and closing credits.

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Perhaps the best way to get super-inspired is to meet up with other people studying keyboard. Meet up groups are accessible on the net , should you should meet strangers with your same objectives and dreams of becoming a master pianist. It`s fun to the brim to practice with other enthusiastic music artists.

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