Jesus Loves Me

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” Jesus Loves Me ” is a Christian hymn set to words by Anna Bartlett Warner. The lyrics first appeared as a poem in the context of a novel called Say and Seal, written by Susan Warner and published in 1860, in which the words were spoken as a comforting poem to a dying child. The tune was added in 1862 by William Batchelder Bradbury who found the text of “Jesus Loves Me” in that book. Along with his tune, Bradbury added his own chorus “Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus Loves me…” After publication the song became one of the most popular Christian hymns in churches around the world.

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Your keyboard music teacher may frown upon the idea of training rock piano in case these people were very classical training, but don`t worry. Traditional training is nevertheless helpful to learn about the countless specialized mechanics or perhaps the fundamental building blocks of music which all keyboard instructors have (hopefully) mastered. There’s still much value in understanding the structure and bare bone things of traditional music theory when studying popular piano.

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