Here I Am To Worship

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“Here I Am to Worship ” is a song written by Tim Hughes and was released as the title song of his debut album Here I Am to Worship. The song is a popular worship ballad. It is commonly sung at Christian churches, festivals and youth gatherings. The song was ranked #1 on the Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) two years in a row and is still ranked on their Top 25 Songs list.

How to Learn The Piano Part

The way to swiftly learn the right way to perform well-liked keyboard music is usually to really know your musical instrument, how the individual keys work, precisely where the pedals are, and precisely where the notes are. Understanding ways to read music is an wonderful assistance to musicians at the novice level and having a touch of music idea as well will help you get well prepared for your next recital. Recognize harmonies considerably faster than you would without such knowledge. Good practice habits for instance working everyday will allow you to to succeed faster.

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