Study Charlie Brown Piano Music – A Fun Guide

To play Charlie Brown piano music properly, you need to get a feel for the character.

Charlie Brown is often portrayed as a loving loser, a cute little character who was born with big dreams and desires, but that is finally hammered with misfortunes plus a long lasting scenario of terrible fortune.

Take the main Charlie Brown theme, one of American jazz composer’s Vince Guaraldi’s greatest compositions, together with “Linus and Lucy” and “Cast Your Fate To The Wind.” It is incredibly witty music, full of fun grace notes (rapid notes played just before the main beat), and a play upwards and downward of the minor third interval.

He as well as Lucy Van Pelt are involved in a joke which recurs throughout all the cartoons when Lucy pulls out a soccer ball Charlie Brown is ready to kick causing him to take flight in the sky and drop on his behind.

How to Learn the Piano Part

The other famous theme “Linus and Lucy” is a little more tricky and requires good synchronization between left and right hand with a clever broken sixth chord repeated continuously in the bass, and a fanfare like melody in the right hand.

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