Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen is a French musician. His musical vocation is break between studio cooperations, albums and movie soundtracks. His songs requires a considerable selection of instruments; mostly the guitar, synthesizer or violin jointly with instruments such as the melodica, piano, toy marimba, harpsichord, accordion and typewriter.

Tiersen is frequently mistaken to get a writer of soundtracks, himself stating I am perhaps not a composer and that I actually don’t possess a classical history, but his actual focus is on touring and studio albums which simply happen to regularly be advisable for picture. His most well-known soundtrack for the movie Amlie was principally composed of courses chosen from his first four studio albums.

Yann Tiersen was created in Brest in the Finistre dpartement in Brittany in north western France , in 1970, in to a French group of Belgian and Norwegian sources. He began learning piano at the age of four, violin at the age of six, and obtained classical instruction at several musical schools, including these in Rennes , Nantes , and Boulogne In the early 80’s when he was an adolescent, he was affected by the punk sub culture , and groups like The Stooges and Joy Division In 1983, in the time of 13, he busted his violin, purchased a guitar , and shaped a rock-band. Tiersen was subsequently living in Rennes , and this turned into the right venue for his musical vocation. The truth is, Rennes is residence to the three-day songs festival Rencontres Trans Musicales , held yearly in December, offering him the chance to view acts like Nirvana , Einstrzende Neubauten , Nick Cave and the Negative Seeds , The Cramps , Video , and Suicide A couple of years afterwards, when his group broke up, Tiersen purchased a low-cost mixing desk , a 8 track reel-to-reel audio tape recording , and began recording music solo having a synthesizer , a sampler , plus a drum device.

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