The Tony Rich Project

Tony Rich and The Tony Rich Project is a modern-day R&B singer songwriter best recognized for his solitary Nobody Knows.

Rich first brought interest through the creation team of Tim & Bob The duet convinced PerriPebbles; Reid (subsequently the married woman of L.A. Reid , cofounder of LaFace Records ) to tune in to Rich on the telephone. [ date=january 2008 ] Rich was employed as a residence songwriter for LaFace Records. As incoming Vice-President of A&Ep, Eddie F subsequently convinced Reid to signal him as an artist. Afterwards, Rich miscellaneous components of jazz , rock and soul songs into his own tracks The Tony Rich Project.

In January 1996 Rich introduced the hit song , Nobody Knows, which created it to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Under the monikerThe Tony Rich Project;, he launched his debut record Words in early 1996. The album and single went platinum as well as in 1997, Rich won a Grammy-Award for the finest R&B Album The tune was included in country songs musician Kevin Sharp in 1997, additionally as his debut solitary. The tuneLike a Female; was also nominated to get a Grammy Award.

The record was followed-up in 1998 by Birds-Eye , which, while critically commended, neglected to create much business success. Rich apparently vanished in the music world for quite a while following this record’s release. The exact same year, in addition, he commissioned a couple of remixes for the Spice Girls hit-single Viva Forever.

In 2003, Rich came back with all the record The Resurrected Carrying an incredibly different manner, the record featured Abundant rocking on the guitar , in addition to singing sleek ballads.

By 2006, Rich introduced a fourth record, Pictures The record includes pictures of a connection, and is a reunite in fashion to his earlier works.

In 2008, he launched his fifth record, Exist , through Hidden Beach Recordings. Initially it was established for launch on September 1-6, nevertheless it had been pushed straight back to September 2 3, 2008. The record features the down load-only solitary,Component the Waves;.

Someplace in the first start of 2013 his sixth record is likely to be outside on Hidden Beach Recordings. It is calledDiscuss me;. A number of tracks might be heard to the website of the audio label. The direct single is known as & Fade;.

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