The Academy Is

The Academy Is… was an American rock-band from Chicago, Illinois , shaped in 2003. Before disbanding, these were signed from the imprint of the Fueled by Ramen label. They were initially referred to asThe School;, but added theIs…; in 2004 to prevent legal problems with several other recognized groups already under that title. The group released three studio albums, Almost Here , Santi , and Quick Times at Barrington Large , and four EPs. The group declared its breakup on 8 Oct 2011.

William Beckett (vocalist) and Adam T. Siska’s (bass) strategies for beginning a group together found fruition on March 4, 2003 recruiting Mike Carden (guitar) after his former group, Jodie, which had members of Triumph records act June, separated subsequently eventually including AJ LaTrace as a direct guitarist and Michael DelPrincipe (Small Mike) as a drummer. They recorded their self titled debut EP, The Academy (2004), for the Chicago-centered label LLR Recordings. LLR Recordings had formerly released Beckett’s solo endeavor Remember Maine’s debut record The Last-Place You Try 2002 and Mike Carden’s solo people record in 2003. The EP was recorded in Villa Park, Illinois at The Gallery of Carpet by producer Brian Zieske. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy noticed it and was amazed. The band was immediately signed by the label Fueled by Ramen. Almost Here (2005)

In 2004 the group headed to Fl to document their Fueled by Ramen introduction Almost Here , made by James Paul Wisner, that has caused Dashboard Confessional , Something Corporate , Further Seems For ever , and Underoath After recording the album and carrying out a summer tour, the group got a line up change. Thomas Conrad, previously of Chicago local group 5o4plan, replaced LaTrace as the next guitarist/backing vocalist and Andy Mrotek , previously of Last-Place Champs, changed DelPrincipe as the drummer. Andy Mrotek and Thomas-Conrad are recorded in the liner notes, but were added to the group following the record of Nearly Here to displace LaTrace and DelPrincipe, respectively. They hit the street hard, touring with Fall Out Boy , Something Corporate , Midtown , Matchbook Romance , Motion City Soundtrack and Armor for Rest The record was launched on February 8, 2005 and the subsequent summer, the group embarked on their very first headlining tour along side Plain White T’s , Times Away and Jun. On Billboard’s graphs Almost Here peaked at No.7 on Best Heatseekers, No.16 on Impartial Albums , and No.185 on The Billboard 200. Later on in 2005, while Pete Wentz was finishing up function on Fall Out Boy’s 2nd album From Under the Cork Tree and hisnewest side task; with John Janick of Fueled by Ramen, he found Panic! at the Disco and assisted them launch their debut album A Fever You Can maybe not Sweat Out through his label Decaydance The Academy Is… was additionally signed to Decaydance that twelvemonth.

On Oct 26, 2006, The Academy Is… had declared via the site on their official site that Thomas Conrad as well as the group had parted methods. Michael Guy Chislett joined the group to change Conrad on guitar.

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