Ten Sharp

Ten Sharp is a Dutch group best known for the early 1990s hit tune You, popular in a few European states in 1991 and in the others (like the Uk , where it peaked at quantity 10) in 1992. The two-band members are Marcel Kapteijn ( singing ) and Niels Hermes ( keyboards ).

Niels Hermes additionally worked with Attie Bauw on the first single by Esther Amadea.

Roads was a local group formed in the starting 1982, when both competing groups Prizoner and pin up came together in precisely the same room. Impacted by Slim Lizzy, they performed primarily in Purmerend and approximately and began composing symphonic rocksongs. The very first show was at the Hutspop festival on March 3, 1982. The group as of this stage was Marcel Kapteijn on singing and guitar, Niels Hermes on keyboards, Martin Boers on leadguitar, Ton Groen on bass and Joop van d e Berg performed the drums. In summer time of ’82, Joop van d e Berg was changed by Wil Bouwes from Neon Graffiti. This could function as the lineup before the breakup in 1987.

In Oct 1982, the team was encouraged to record three tunes at Vara’s Popkrant, which caused national airplay. In April 1983 they performed live at KRO Rocktempel which introduced them to several record labels, but no one appeared to be fascinated. Round summer time of 1983, Niels Hermes’ classic Fender Rhodes and ARP monophonic synthesizer were snitched. This led to purchasing the polyphonic Roland JX-3P and Yamaha DX7 synthesizers which triggered a large change in sound. Driven by this new whim, they locked themselves in Fort Spijkerboor to compose new tunes to impress the record labels. When they got out in February 1984 with a brand new demo, eventually there was curiosity at CBS Records. In September 1984 they recorded three tunes in Studio Spitsbergen with Michiel Hoogenboezem including a demonstration-edition ofWhen The Snow Falls;. The strategies were there to produce the primary single, before the document company discovered out there had been another group in the US called Roads. The group needed to alter its title in Oct 1984. Ten Sharp was selected due to the sound of the title.

;When The Snow Falls; was the initial single, launched in January 1985. The tune ended right up in the Trick-parade and Vara’s Verrukkelijke 1 5. It gave the group a whole lot of focus on video and radio. The 2nd singleJapanese Lovesong; wound up in the graphs (quantity 30) in July 1985, while having an active program with stay-performances throughout the nightclub-circuit in Netherlands. The following singleLast Phrases; neglected to reach the graphs and ended right up in the Trick-parade in January 1986. Their first video was shot by the band for the tune. Following annually of touring through Holland and record demo’s they recorded their fourth solitaryManner Of The West; in February 1987. A guitar-substantial rocksong which neglected promptly. CBS Records had not been content using the tune and dropped the group. On Oct 17, 1987 they performed their last present in Hazerswoude as a 5-piece group. Song writers

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